Mom Explains How She Raised Navy SEAL Son… Every American Needs to Hear This

Mom Explains How She Raised Navy SEAL Son Every American Needs to Hear This

Serving your country means your are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice — risking your own life to ensure others can enjoy basics freedoms.

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck hosted Karen Vaughn on Thursday to discuss her new book, “World Changer: A Mother’s Story: The Unbreakable Spirit of US Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn,” where she spoke about how she and her husband raised a resilient kid on a farm into becoming a strong man defending his country.

As a small-town boy from Tennessee, Aaron Vaughn, Karen’s son, was one of 30 American servicemen who died on “Extortion 17,” a Chinook helicopter that was shot down by a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade in August 2011. It was the single greatest loss of American life in the Afghan war.

Rather than being defeated by their son’s death, the Vaughn family decided to continue his legacy of protecting American values.

“What I realized after Aaron died was, he gave his life for me, fighting a battle kinetically to protect and preserve the American way of life. Not a government. Not a piece of land. But a way of life,” Karen Vaughn said.

“And my husband and I have dedicated our lives to fighting culturally, as you do, to protect the same. It’s worth dying for. And that it’s up to all of us inside the boundaries of this nation to protect and preserve in — in the interior of this nation, what so many are giving their lives for, to protect and preserve from the exterior of the nation,” she added.

Vaughn went on to recall one story between Aaron and a huge white cow — named White Cow — on their farm that had a major impact on his life.

“One day, instead of letting Aaron cower in fear to this cow, Billy [his father] said, ‘I’m going to tell you what, you’re going to stand at the fence right now. And when White Cow — I’m going to herd the cows in. And when White Cow confronts you, if she charges you, son, you’ve got to punch her in the nose,’” Vaughn explained.

“I’m sitting there thinking — Aaron weighed like 60 pounds soaking wet. You know, he’s about 10 years old, I think. And I was like, you’re going to do, what? But he let Aaron do it. I stood back and let him do it. And Aaron did. White Cow sure enough charged Aaron that day,” Vaughn said..

She explained that when the cow charged he son, he reared back and punched the animal ight in the nose. The mom said Aaron started to become a man that day because she took a step back and let him handle the situation himself.

“And Aaron learned that day that there was no challenge too great for him. And this is what drove him to become not only a Navy SEAL, but all the way to the pinnacle at Seal Team 6,” she said.

Stories highlighting the ultimate sacrifice made by many should be taught to children across the country. It is also nice to finally have a president who honors our military and makes his appreciation known to our brave men and women in uniform.

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