Mom in Coma After Suffering Brain Injury, Husband Replaces Sick Wife with Her Nurse

Mom in Coma After Suffering Brain Injury Husband Replaces Sick Wife with Her Nurse

In August of 2015, Donna Ormondroyd collapsed in her bathroom from a severe brain injury.

After 70 minutes of paramedics trying to revive her, she miraculously came back to life. Donna was put into a medically induced coma, and was unable to leave the hospital for almost two years.

Donna’s condition was a mystery to doctors. They were never able to find the cause of her sudden injury.

When there was nothing more they could do for her, she was finally able to go home in March of 2017.

Her husband Gregg was a bus driver and became a full-time dad to their four children.

On a crowdfunding website he set up for Donna, he explained how her hoped her condition would improve when she returned home to him and their children.

Even so, her injury left her unable to communicate.

She was in a permanent vegetative state and required around-the-clock care with the aid of a nurse.

However, her nurse, Anne Robinson, and Gregg began to grow too close. Soon, the two began a relationship, and Anne allegedly quit her job as Donna’s nurse and moved into their home.

While Gregg adamantly denied his relationship with Anne, the two soon took to social media to confirm their relationship status as a couple.

On Gregg’s page, it appears that all traces of Donna have been removed and replaced with photos of himself and Anne together.

Donna’s family is appalled by their son-in-law’s actions.

They are considering legal action. Needless to say, they are heartbroken that their daughter is facing such devastation with no chance to fight back.

“But the fact that Gregg has started a relationship with someone who was nursing Donna, and Anne has now moved in, is very upsetting for her family,” a friend of the family said. “It is going on under the noses of Donna and her children and Donna is not in a state to challenge it.”

In March, Gregg was incredibly excited for his wife to come home to her kids.

But after seeing little improvement in four short months, Gregg all but forgot the wedding vows he made to his wife less than a year before her injury. Sadly, it quickly became clear that he was only going to be dedicated to Donna for better, but not for worse.

Hopefully the family and the lawyers they’re working with will be able to bring justice to this situation. Donna deserves better, and her children deserve a better role model.

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