Mom of 3 Returns Home with Massive Grocery Pile, Then Strangers Show up at Door

Mom of 3 Returns Home with Massive Grocery Pile Then Strangers Show up at Door

Kimberly Gager of San Antonio, Texas is well known at her local Target and Walgreens. Employees even know her by name.

Gager told CBS, “Now even at Target they see me coming they shut down a line and open another. They bring out pallets to roll items out to my car.”

She is experienced in “extreme couponing.” In fact, she has been couponing for five years.

Gager has only recently discovered a new calling that uses her coupon clipping skills, though. She has been coming home with massive grocery piles, but not for her family.

Strangers have been showing up at her door to pick up items from Gager’s garage. She hasn’t been looking to make a profit.

She has been looking to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Her garage is filled with items such as baby wipes, baby food, diapers, detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, and toilet paper.

All of these items have added up to a retail value of approximately $5,000. Gager had spent around $2,700 for everything which shows both her couponing skills and generosity!

Gager’s investment has not only been financial. She has invested much of her time in the process of sorting through coupons, shopping, stocking the garage, delivering to families in need, and welcoming families to come pick up supplies.

“When Hurricane Harvey evacuees need toilet paper and paper towels but a migraine is KICKING your behind, what do you do? Push through and go get more toilet paper and paper towels,” Gager posted on Facebook.

Gager has been out as late as 2 a.m. to deliver supplies. Sounds like a full time job, right?

Amazingly, Gager is a mom of three who works a full time job in addition to the couponing and delivering. She has promised to give a Facebook Live lesson on couponing, but won’t slow down to do so until the need for hurricane relief supplies diminishes.

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