Michelle Obama Dresses Up Like Beyoncé And Insults Cops

Michelle Obama Dresses Up Like Beyonce And Insults Cops

As we all know by now the Barack and Michelle Obama brought upon American a lot of harm, and now to make it worse Michelle decided to dress like one iconic star.

Michelle dressed like Beyoncé in a 36th birthday tribute on Twitter. So, did many other famous people but none of them wore the title First Lady.

The issue with this was that she wore an outfit from the famous cop-slamming video “Formation.”

She and the other wore a fedora covering their eyes, neckless and a black blouse. Tennis star Serena Williams, singers Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child, and Knowles’ daughter Blue Ivy Carter were also a part of this tribute.

The music video and her 2016 Super Bowl performance were strongly criticized by the law enforcement community and by many other people for its anti-cop theme that Beyoncé denied.

The Daily Wire wrote that the video was anti-cop, showing pictures of New Orleans police car going under water, and a wall of graffiti “STOP SHOOTING US,” few police officers with their hands up in front of a small African-American boy, clearly referring to the debunked myth that Michael Brown was holding his hands up when officer Darren Wilson shoot him.

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