Michelle Duggar Takes Fire for Posting Pic of Grandchildren Using Mops

Michelle Duggar Takes Fire for Posting Pic of Grandchildren Using Mops

When it comes to the Duggar family of “19 Kids and Counting,” it doesn’t take much to trigger liberals. After all, it’s a family of Christian conservatives. What more do you have to say?

However, the latest meltdown has to be seen to be believed. A picture posted to Facebook by family matriarch Michelle Duggar showed her two young kids mopping the floor — and apparently, that was enough to send liberals into a rage spiral.

The picture, posted last week, showed her grandchildren Meredith and Spurgeon cleaning up with Swiffers, according to Yahoo News.

“Train them young! These little ones love to ‘help,’” the post said, followed by a winking emoji.

That, unbelievably, was enough to trigger a firestorm.

“You train a dog, not a child. Does Michelle do anything in that house?” Facebooker Debbie Fein wrote. “The girls (never the boys) do the cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. and Jana raises the children. Very sad.”

Of course, Spurgeon, one of the two moppers in the photo, is a boy. But why let facts get in the way of a hot take when it comes to accusing a Christian family of misogyny? Debbie Fein certainly didn’t, and neither should you.

Neither did user Beth Ostroski. “I totally agree with you,” Ostroski said in response to Fein’s remark. “It’s so sad the way Duggar fans defend the way they live. Girls in that household are nothing but maids-in-waiting to be given away to the first male who shows any interest and then to pop out as many babies as humanly possible.”

Look, I understand that gender is a fungible commodity in certain parts of the sociopolitical spectrum nowadays. However, I don’t think that Spurgeon is yet old enough to consciously reject the gender binary — and if he was, I don’t think you would know about it.

In short, he’s male under any rubric you wish to apply. If you want to make a specious point about the Duggars’ alleged sexism in assigning housework duties, perhaps you ought to reserve it for a picture where 50 percent of the participants don’t have a Y chromosome.

Of course, it wasn’t just the non-existent gender bias in the photo that got people sharing their empty theories on child-rearing. It was also the fact that the Duggars — gasp! — were teaching their children and grandchildren the value of hard work and responsibility.

“Teaching them to be their parent’s little slave,” wrote user Wendy Hollie Ferrell. “Just wait until they are doing all of the chores!! They wont want to help like my child does because they will be required to do this!!”

Uh, OK?? I don’t quite get the argument!! But you know she’s extra serious because she uses two exclamation points after every sentence!! And doesn’t have time for apostrophes!!

And then there was this gem from user Margie Kohl: “As a Dental professional the picture is cute but why the bottle always hanging out of his mouth. More disturbing are the propane tanks in the house.” Ay dios mio.

To be fair, most of the participants in the comments section lent their support to the Duggars and pointed out the rank absurdity of the “controversy.”

“People seem to have a problem with the word ‘train,’ but what do you call potty training?” Kimberly Croft Jordan said.

“Cute!!! … all bashers please post pictures of your children and homes so they too can be properly evaluated … it needs to be critiqued by everyone else who are of course child professional(s) and licensed home inspectors,” user Sandra Rich wrote.

The fact that anyone got themselves excited over this proves just how willing liberals are to get offended when someone differs from them in outlook and beliefs. If they want to teach their children to do chores, that’s their business. If they want to impress upon their children and grandchildren the importance of responsibility, liberals ought to apply the same sort of open-mindedness they claim to exemplify and just let them do it.

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