Michael Moore Cheered Venezuelan Socialism 4 Years Ago, Now Minimum Wage Is $2

Michael Moore Cheered Venezuelan Socialism 4 Years Ago Now Minimum Wage Is 2

Left-wing nut-job Michael Moore may have forgotten his generous praise of Venezuela’s economic policies in the past, but we sure haven’t.

In fact, by taking just one tweet from Moore and comparing it to Venezuela’s economy today, one can pretty much summarize the folly of socialism.

First, let’s take a look at what Moore had to say in 2013.

Moore praised then-President Hugo Chavez for his nationalization of the country’s oil.

Thank goodness the brilliant and far-seeing Chavez saved the economy. Otherwise, Venezuela might be a dangerous, horrendously-impoverished country today!

Oh, wait — that’s exactly what they are.

In fact, as Breitbart reports, the Venezuelan economy has suffered so badly that despite multiple minimum wage hikes this year, the country has the lowest minimum wage on earth — 177,507 Bolivares a month.

That’s less than two dollars, according to Dollar Today, making wages worth about a penny an hour, according to Breitbart. Compared to Business Insider’s list of countries’ minimum wages ranked, Venezuela’s utterly bottoms out the list.

Count your blessings, burger-flippers. It could be a whole lot worse.

Citizens reportedly also receive an additional 279,000 bolivares a month in the form of a food ticket, bringing the minimum wage up to a little less than $3 a month.

However, as we have previously reported, trying to get necessities in Venezuela that ordinary citizens can afford is a job in and of itself.

Ten years ago, a 100-bolivar note could buy a television, Breitbart reports.

Now, they’re worth a fraction of a penny.

When one looks at the direct effects of a socialist government — which anyone in the United States can do — it is nothing less than astounding that there are still proponents of big government in general, let alone socialist states.

Even Michael Moore ought to be smarter than that.

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