Michael Moore Is Asking Trump To Open Mar-a-Lago As A Shelter

Michael Moore Is Asking Trump To Open Mar-a-Lago As A Shelter

The last couple of week our nation has been dealing with the aftermath of one catastrophic Category 4 Hurricane Harvey, and the two upcoming Hurricane Irma and Jose destroying our land right now. During natural disasters like these, one would think that the biggest liberal critics would stop criticizing and devote their time to helping others, but that is not what is happening. They are using this crisis to attack the president and his administration in every way possible.

As it seems, “Florida residents” are requesting from President Trump to open the doors of his private estate located in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, as a shelter.

Even Michael Moore is tweeting this out as well:

And as expected, after seeing this illogical idea many liberals tried to make Trump appear as carless man for not opening the doors of the estate to give people, who already have shelter, a place to stay.

But sadly for the liberals, it turns out that “Florida residents” never asked to be sheltered at Mar-a-Lago because there are high chances of being hit hard by Hurricane Irma, meaning no government agency would ever put the people in such danger by advising them to go there.

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