#MeToo Hysteria: Mall Santas Now Under Attack by Women They DIDN’T Harass

MeToo Hysteria Mall Santas Now Under Attack by Women They DIDNT Harass

In one very odd story on the website Scary Mommy, a writer named Angela Chang claims that making her little girl sit on Santa’s lap during the holiday season is promoting rape culture.

Seriously. That’s how far the #MeToo campaign created to raise awareness of pervasive sexual misconduct in Western society has fallen in approximately six weeks.

Take a look at the following excerpt in which, well, she thinks she is making a point:

“I was filled with shame and regret as I thought about previous years when I would plop my daughter onto Santa’s lap and laugh while taking pictures of her frantically trying to get away. I fully admit that I thought it was cute and funny — in an “ know she’s actually safe” kind of way. But  she  didn’t think she was safe.

“I put my child in a strange man’s lap and told her she had to stay there even though she was uncomfortable, so he would give her gifts.”

All of those characters in bold are bold in the original article, by the way. That tells us something:

This author was very, very emotional about what she had to say.

A better way to say that in this context is simple — Chang is hysterical, and so fixated on victimization that everything around her looks like the launching point for a crusade.

Combining the concepts of sexual misconduct and Santa Claus is something I’d expect to see in a little-read, private Facebook rant, not in a publication — even one with an inane name, and apparently inane readership, like “Scary Mommy.”

A child’s interaction with Santa Claus is not contributing to rape culture. Honestly, I can’t believe I just had to form that sentence.

Chang is just writing in an emotionally stunted, crowd-riling manner. I’ll show you what I mean with another completely innocuous example, written as manipulatively as possible:

“When my children were little, I did something — or rather didn’t do something — that has filled me with shame ever since. For years, my mother and father would visit my family from across the country. We would all have a good time — or so I thought.

“As I looked back through the years, I realized something. Every night, after we shared a meal, my father would play “tickle monster” with my kids in the living room. We’d all laugh until we were teary at the kids as they tried to dodge my dad and evade getting tickled. They would squeal and yell and ask for me and my wife to “Get him!” as they tried to get away — I took pictures. It was adorable, I thought. Afterwards, we’d all go out for ice cream.

“I taught my children that not only were they not safe in their own home, but that I thought it was funny.”

Now, I just made that up. But in terms of tone — it’s pretty close to the passage written by Chang, and again — completely innocuous.

When someone — anyone — is fixated on a given person, concept, or thing, everything around them starts to either look like it can relate to it, fit into it, or be applied to it.

Awareness of sexual misconduct and stopping the victimization of the vulnerable should always be championed, but this is moving into lunacy.

The #MeToo hashtag campaign to promote awareness of sexual harassment and crimes against women got its start on Oct. 15, when actress and Harvey Weinstein accuser Alyssa Milano kicked it off with a Twitter post that drew attention around the world, as The New York Times reported approvingly.

By the end of November, it’s become a vehicle for real and imagined victimization that’s now smearing shopping mall Santas who’ve done nothing more than play a role Western society has honored and enjoyed for generations.

Every one of them could be as pure as the driven snow, for all writers like Angela Chang know.

Anyone want to guess where #MeToo will be going in 2018?

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