Melania’s First White House Christmas Compared to Michelle’s Last, the Difference Is Night and Day

Melanias First White House Christmas Compared to Michelles Last the Difference Is Night and Day

Melania Trump released her first White House Christmas video Monday, showing the decorations, which are far different than the ones we saw during the Obama’s Christmas at the White House.

One most obvious difference between the two decorating styles is the ambiance.

Melania decorated the White House to look like a peaceful and magical place, with white lights and trees, and traditional decorations.

She shared a video on her Instagram page of the Christmas decorations and some scenes look like winter fairy tale.

The video also had the nativity scene, proving that the president kept his promise to bring “Christmas back.”

There is no better way to do so than to show how important Jesus is to the Christmas season.

The decorations are up! @whitehouse is ready to celebrate! Wishing you a Merry Christmas & joyous holiday season!

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Unlike Melania, the Obama’s last Christmas decorations at the White House included Lego gingerbread houses. Michelle hired a team of Lego builders to build the 56 gingerbread houses from approximately 200,000 Lego pieces.

Because nothing says Christmas like Legos.

The Obama’s also had actual gingerbread houses and gingerbread White House, which weighed approximately 300 pounds and was made of 150 pounds gingerbread covered with 100 pounds of bread dough.

The other Christmas decorations were just huge toys.

Actually, the Obama Christmas decorations at the White House had no relation to the birth of Christ at all.

But there is nothing surprising, seeing how Barack Obama erased any hint of Christianity from the White House during his eight years there.

We are lucky now, that we have a president who embraces his religion and the spirit of Christmas.

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