Melania’s First WH Christmas to Michelle’s Last, Difference Is Night and Day

Melanias First WH Christmas to Michelles Last Difference Is Night and Day

First lady Melania Trump revealed the White House Christmas decorations on Monday, and they are a far cry from what we saw during the Obamas’ last Christmas at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One noticeable difference between the two types of decorating styles is the ambiance created.

Melania’s chosen decorations evoke a magical and peaceful tone, as demonstrated with white lights and traditional decorations.

Trump posted a video to Instagram of the decorations, and some of the scenes look as though the White House has been transformed into a winter wonderland.

The video also included a nativity scene, signaling the president’s promise to replace the homogenized “Happy Holidays” with “Merry Christmas.”

One way to do that is to recognize how important Jesus is to the Christmas season.

The decorations are up! @whitehouse is ready to celebrate! Wishing you a Merry Christmas & joyous holiday season!

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In contrast, the Obama’s last Christmas at the White House was filled with Lego gingerbread houses. The U.K. Daily Mail reported that a team of Lego builders created 56 gingerbread houses from more than 200,000 Lego pieces.

Because Christmas is all about Legos.

The Obama Christmas decorations also included real gingerbread houses. The U.K. Daily Mail reported that the gingerbread replica of the White House weighed more than 300 pounds, and included 150 pounds of gingerbread covered with 100 pounds of bread dough.

Other decorations in the Obama White House looked more like giant toys than anything else.

In fact, from looking at the decorations, one could not tell that they were related the birth of Christ at all.

That isn’t surprising, as former President Barack Obama did his best to erase any trace of Christianity from the White House when he lived there.

Thankfully, we have a president that is not afraid to recognize where the spirit of Christmas comes from.

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