Melania Trump’s Surprising Net Worth Revealed – You Won’t Believe This!

Melania Trumps Surprising Net Worth Revealed You Wont Believe This

First Lady Melania Trump has accumulated an impressive fortune during her modeling career and as a jewelry designer.

Celebrity Net Worth has reported that Mrs Trump is worth around USD 50 million.

According to the Associated Press, the first lady’s corporation Melania Marks Accessories is a company worth somewhere around USD 15,000 to USD 50,000 annually.

In early 2017, Melania Trump sued Mail Media Inc. for publishing the story she claimed damaged the brand.

The article claimed that Mrs Trump used to work as a high-end escort back in the nineties.

The first lady’s lawsuit demanded USD 150 million in damages, claiming that the article affected her abilities to carry out her responsibilities as US First Lady.

The suit also claimed that Melania Trump had a plan for launching a line in the future and that the article has damaged its success with its claims.

The Daily Mail has settled the suit in the end in April, and reported to have paid USD 3 million to the first lady. The media outlet has also issued an apology and has withdrawn the article it published.

Melania Trump has marked a significant increase in popularity since July 2016, rising from 35 percent, to 51 percent this year, a Fox News poll conducted this month has shown. Her rating of favorability has climbed up to 14 points since December.

Her popularity surge is mostly based on the high ratings she was given during her official trips accompanying her husband, President Donald Trump, and those have not only made a highlight on her style but also her sensitivity for children, as well as compassion.

Her style choices have often been compared to those of Jackie Kennedy, former first lady of US. With her ability to speak fluently in several languages, Mrs Trump, like Mrs Kennedy has gained many domestic and foreign fans.

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