Melania Billboards Pop up… Prepare for Lib Cries of “Racism”

Melania Billboards Pop up Prepare for Lib Cries of Racism

If you listen to the left and the mainstream media, merely suggesting that speaking English might be important is automatically racist.

It looks like one European country hasn’t received that memo, however. While liberals attack the Trump administration for proposing English language requirements, a billboard in Croatia prominently features first lady Melania Trump and is using her English skills to help promote a language school.

The large advertisement in the capitol city of Zagreb shows a photo of Melania from her keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, along with the phrase, “Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”

According to the Telegraph UK, the first lady’s photo and language skills are being put to use by Američki Institut, a culture and language school in Croatia.

Melania is originally from Slovenia, which neighbors Croatia. The Slovenian border is only about 15 miles from Zagreb, where the billboard was spotted. Incredibly, the first lady speaks English as her sixth language. She is knowledgeable in five others, including Serbo-Croatian.

“People can have all sorts of opinions about Melania Trump, but they can not deny her the success she deserves and her knowledge of English,” explained Ivis Burić, the designer of the billboard.

“We are witnessing the great wave of emigration of Croatians who are looking for their fortunes in Anglo-Saxon countries, such as Ireland, Canada, Australia etc.,” elaborated Brett Campbell, the co-founder of the Američki Institut.

“If you are well-versed in English, in these markets you can go very far. And we can help you,” Campbell continued.

People in countries such as Croatia and Slovenia seem to be embracing the reality that English is an important global skill, but merely making that suggestion has made conservatives the target of controversy in the past several months.

Liberal CNN reporter Jim Acosta recently lashed out at the Trump administration for proposing English requirements for immigrants who enter the United States.

“This whole notion of they have to learn English before they get to the United States, are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia?” the unhinged journalist demanded back in August.

Trump spokesman Stephen Miller quickly put Acosta in his place and pointed out how silly it was to assume that people from other countries were unable to speak or learn English.

“I have to say, I am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English. It’s all — it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree that in your mind — no, this is an amazing moment,” Miller said.

“That you think only people from Great Britain or Australia would speak English is so insulting to millions of hardworking immigrants who do speak English from all over the world,” Miller chastised the out of touch reporter.

There’s something ironic and hilarious about foreigners enthusiastically embracing both English and Melania Trump, while oh-so-enlightened liberals accuse her husband of being racist.

No matter how much it drives the left insane, the fact is that English is incredibly important in the modern world… and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Melania Trump gets this. Ambitious students in Croatia and Slovenia get this. It seems like the only people who are confused about the concept are sheltered liberal elitists who refuse to leave their bubble.

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