Megyn Kelly Ratings Take Hit, Then She Announces She Will Not Be on the Air Next Week

Megyn Kelly Ratings Take Hit Then She Announces She Will Not Be on the Air Next Week

As news dropped this week that NBC host Megyn Kelly’s ratings have slipped even further, the host announced she would be off air next Sunday.

Formerly with Fox News, the rebranded journalist and commentator now hosts “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” a series on NBC where she interviews a prominent social or political figure each week.

Her first interview on June 4 with Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly bombed hard, drawing about 6.1 million viewers, coming in behind the 6.6 million viewers who opted for a rerun of “60 Minutes” on CBS.

As noted by Newsweek, the host’s ratings have continued to decline ever since:

“According to Nielsen, the company that collects viewership data, last Sunday’s episode, which featured Kelly interviewing Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, garnered only 3.4 million viewers. The week before, she courted furious anger from a variety of groups by interviewing the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Yet that saw a viewership of only 3.6 million.”

Given these numbers, the announcement she made on Twitter this Sunday seems suspicious, to say the least.

“We’ll be …




  1. The View isn’t worth my time to watch. The women are too mean and hateful. I stopped watching in 08. Nothing I’ve seen of them( clips on other networks) makes me want to change my mind