Media Silent as True Culprit Behind Nasty Graffiti Found

Media Silent as True Culprit Behind Nasty Graffiti Found

When racist graffiti was discovered in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Michigan, on Sunday, it brought back memories from other racial and political tension from almost a year ago.

The vandalism, which included the words “white power” along Nazi symbols, was spray painted in red on cars, homes and fences.

The graffiti triggered a rally and a march on Wednesday by concerned citizens and activists. One of the event organizers, Carmen Watgel, told WWJ-TV that the message those at the march wanted to get out was that “hate has no home in Royal Oak.”

“It’s imperative, it’s our moral obligation to stand against white supremacy whenever we can,” Watgel said. “We all must be louder and we all must make it clear that (hate) has no home here in any of our communities.”

The Royal Oak community made national news in November, when a group of students at Royal Oak Middle School celebrated Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton by chanting “build the wall” on school grounds the day after the vote. The anti-Trump media loved that story, of course, because it fed the narrative that some sort of Trump-related wave of xenophobic violence was sweeping the United States.

Don’t expect the same media attention to the latest act of vandalism, though. It turns out it had little to do with a white supremacist neo-Nazi painting swastikas.

In fact, the person behind the act was an Asian-American resident with mental problems, police said Wednesday, according to The Detroit News.

The unidentified man had “mental health issues,” and police said they would not press criminal charges against him, The News reported.

Had this crime been carried out by a white person, the left would have not stopped reporting on it, drawing all sorts of connections between white supremacists and Trump’s so-called “bigotry.”

However, since an Asian man with mental issues was the perpetrator, this story will fade quickly because it does not fit the liberal media’s propaganda that the president is responsible for racial tensions that exist in the country.

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