McGregor’s antics finally push Mayweather over the edge

McGregors antics finally push Mayweather over the edge

In a week clustered with headlines from Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s international promotional tour, it seemed as if McGregor was beginning to get the advantage in the pre-fight antics.

The Irish mixed martial artist turned boxer is known as a master of getting into his opponents’ heads.

But Mayweather believes his opponent has crossed the line.

In a press conference Friday, Mayweather accused McGregor of “disrespecting my daughter, disrespecting the mother of my daughter, disrespecting black women, calling black people monkeys — it’s totally disrespectful.”

“Racism still exists. … But life goes on and I will always stand my ground and believe in what I believe in. I believe in treating everybody fair. I believe that if you violate, we will demonstrate. I believe to truly get respect, you have to give respect,” he said.

McGregor was criticized for using a racially charged term Tuesday when he said to Mayweather, “Dance for me, boy.” Also, during a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” interview, he referred to the African-American fighters in “Rocky III” as “dancing monkeys.”

What bothered Mayweather most, however, might have been his rival’s comments about his 17-year-old daughter, Iyanna “Money Yaya” Mayweather, who took the stage with her dad during one of the “insult” tour stops.

McGregor jumped at the opportunity, getting in her face during one of his long rants and asking her to “sing it for me, beautiful Yaya.”

Mayweather said, “He totally disrespected my daughter. That’s my baby.”

Despite the insults, the 40-year-old champ said, “I still have a job to do and I still have to remain humble and be professional.”

“When we get older we grow, we get wisdom, we get maturity, and I guess when you get older he probably look back and say, ‘You know I shouldn’t have said that,’” Mayweather said.

There is no doubt the 29-year-old McGregor is trying to swim in Mayweather’s head with his edgy comments, perhaps hoping to lure Mayweather into going after him during the fight instead of sticking to his usual style.

The two stars will face off Aug. 26 in Las Vegas.

Mayweather (49-0, 26 KOs) will look to maintain his composure as he looks to keep his perfect record against the spunky Irishman (21-3 in MMA), who will be making his debut in the boxing world.

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