McDonald’s Worker Posts All the Backroom Pictures You Don’t Want to See

McDonalds Worker Posts All the Backroom Pictures You Dont Want to See

Most of us eat at McDonald’s, although we know it isn’t good for us. But if you knew just how bad it was, would you change your mind?

Evidence would suggest the answer to that is no. On Monday, McDonald’s shares went up dramatically after the chain increased its same-store sales, according to MarketWatch.

However, investors may not have seen a Twitter account that may be about to change all that in a major way, all from a young man by the name of “Nick.”

Who is “Nick?” Well, he’s a McDonald’s employee — or former McDonald’s employee, by the sound of things — who decided to expose the conditions behind the scenes at one of the chain’s restaurants. Let’s just say it’s not anything you would want to see.

Nick’s original tweet was posted on July 14 and has been retweeted over 13,000 times, likely much to the chagrin of the world’s biggest hamburger chain. We’re not going to include the original tweet because Nick’s Twitter handle has a misspelled swear word in it (tsk, tsk, Nick!), but here’s a picture of what you can expect to find inside one of the chain’s ice cream machines.

I’m not lovin’ it.

Yes, that’s the ice cream machine. And believe it or not, things got worse from there…