McCain Disappointed Everyone With His Vote, Trump Had 3 Words To Say About That

McCain Disappointed Everyone With His Vote Trump Had 3 Words To Say About That

John McCain was to be an American idol, but he suddenly turned into Benedict Arnold. He was extremely disloyal to Americans as he becomes a part of Democratic Party. His disgust to President Trump leads to this coward step. But the President had only three harsh words to say about him today, unlike the American nation which opinion is that McCain should go back to Arizona and stay there until the end of his time.

Americans were victims seven long years, and some even died, because of Obamacare. This morning, the Republicans tried once again to gain 50 votes and start the revoke process of Obamacare.

If all Republicans who promised that they would do everything to revoke Obamacare voted for that, now this process would have been already started, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. There was only one person who broke his promise, John McCain.

His refusal to follow through his promise means much more to the American people because is directly connected to tax relief. If Obamacare doesn’t exist anymore, it would free millions of dollars that will go back to the American workers.

The sad truth is that if McCain had to depend on Obamacare he would have been dead by now. Under Obamacare, he would still be waiting to schedule a surgery, and by then the tumor would have metastasized and he would have died.

If McCain didn’t disappoint as and Trump like this the Obamacare wouldn’t be an issue by now. But now Trump has to work hard to start that process again.

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