Mayoral Candidate Sure to Lose After Demanding Police Make 1 Major Change

Mayoral Candidate Sure to Lose After Demanding Police Make 1 Major Change

A mayoral candidate is sure to lose votes after he demanded the police of his city make one major change.

Democrat state rep. and Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn has called for a major overhaul of police policies, and one of those changes involves disarming a large portion of police officers of their sidearms and replacing those guns with pepper spray or a nightstick.

“I’m not saying they don’t have access to that, just like they have access to more lethal weapons in their cars, I would believe they would still have access to their guns in their cars,” Dehn said, as reported by KMSP.

The representative also said there needs to be changes in how police officers are trained.

“We must divest resources, disarm officers, and dismantle the inherent violence of our criminal justice system which continues to uphold white supremacy,” Dehn said in a statement.

Since when has our criminal justice system upheld white supremacy?

Dehn is repeating the same dangerous rhetoric of former President Barack Obama when he suggests that police shootings are racially motivated, or worse are because of “white supremacy.”

This kind of talk is not only dangerous, but it is simply not true. For the mayoral candidate to continue to spread this garbage is monumentally irresponsible. It paints a target on the back of police officers across the country, and Dehn should be ashamed of himself for suggesting that we disarm our police.

Disarming police is simply a bad idea considering the rise in violence against police, not to mention the fact that police need to be able to defend themselves at a moment’s notice. Gun-free police will not make the streets any safer.

Moreover, history teaches us that gun-free zones do little to promote safety. These areas make the people in them sitting ducks.

Dehn’s plan for police is reckless, and voters in Minneapolis will have a chance to show how just what they think of it come November.

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