Maxine Waters Leaves Door Open for New Political Party

Maxine Waters Leaves Door Open for New Political Party

It’s little surprise to regular readers that Maxine Waters is nuttier than an almond-shelling plant.

On any slow news day, the California congresswoman can usually be counted on to provide some kind of inane remark regarding President Trump or some other profoundly outré attack on anyone to the right of the Weathermen. It’s sort of like the swallows returning to Capistrano — provided, of course, the swallows are a congresswoman whose behavior has exhausted the DSM-V and Capistrano is some kind of sub-Louise Mensch conspiracy theory.

Rep. Waters managed to deliver again on Monday when she refused to rule out the possibility of a shockingly-racist idea — an all-black political party.

According to The Daily Caller, during an appearance on the syndicated radio program “The Breakfast Club,” Waters said that she didn’t think African-Americans should set up a party based on race — but not because it was racist. Instead, she thought they weren’t “strong enough” to start their own party.

“No, not at this point,” the California congresswoman said. “You have to show that you’re willing and you’re able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence.”

“We still are not voting our influence yet,” she added. “What we should do is organize our power, exercise our power, particularly in the Democratic Party because that’s where most of us are.”

Yeah, because that clearly hasn’t been happening already.

Video below:

When African-Americans are “strong enough,” Waters suggested, “then you can raise that kind of question — whether we are strong enough to talk about organizing another party.”

It’s hard to know what to say when you’re faced with someone who looks at the modern Democrat Party and doesn’t think it’s identitarian enough. 

Instead, Waters seems to be under the impression that when the time is right, African-Americans should consider creating their own political party. Presumably, part of the reason why she thinks so is that it could counter what she perceives as racism.

Sadly, I don’t think she gets the unintentional irony.

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