Maxine Waters Freaks Out, Shrieks 3 Words Over and Over

Maxine Waters Freaks Out Shrieks 3 Words Over and Over

California congresswoman Maxine Waters freaked out during a House Committee hearing this week, and chanted three words over and over when she heard something she didn’t like, forcing the rest of us to hear something we don’t necessarily like.

The outburst occurred during a House Financial Services Committee. Waters bullied Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over a request for information regarding President Donald Trump’s finances.

As Mnuchin attempted to answer the question, Waters interrupted him over and over, repeating, “Reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time.”

Waters must have interrupted Mnuchin a dozen times in a span of two minutes, making it impossible for him to completely answer the question.

When Mnuchin asked the committee chairman for clarification of committee rules, Waters interrupted him again.

“Reclaiming my time,” she said. “What he failed to tell you was, when you are on my time, I can reclaim it.”

It makes no sense for her to “reclaim time” if she wants to hear the answer to a question, but we are talking about Waters, who sometimes doesn’t act like she has a lot of sense.

Mnuchin did finally get to explain himself fully, but Waters was apparently not satisfied with the reply and had to nitpick at his reply.

“You did not respond. You left a message,” she said, basically admitting that she had the information she was asking for all along.

Like I said, it doesn’t make any sense.

Check out Waters’ bizarre reaction below:

If this exchange is not proof that Waters needs to retire, I don’t know what is. It appeared as though Waters wanted to badger Mnuchin just to badger him and was not actually interested in what he had to say.

With responses like this, it’s a wonder how the congresswoman can still garner votes.

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