Maxine Waters Claims She Knows Reason Why Trump Admin Has “Leakers”

Maxine Waters Claims She Knows Reason Why Trump Admin Has Leakers

The craziest politician in the United States is now arguing that President Donald Trump is to blame for the national security leaks plaguing his own administration.

In an appearance Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” with host Joy Reid, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said officials were leaking highly classified information on President Trump “because he defined himself as someone that cannot be trusted.”

“The president gave classified information to Russians in the White House. Our ally, Israel, was very upset with us. So start with him, number one. Number two, if people around you are leaking in the way they’re doing, they’re trying to tell us something,” Waters said.

Neither Reid nor Waters, both staunch never-Trumpers, made any mention of Obama officials leaking classified information in order to derail the Trump administration.

Waters said that because Trump is not a “credible president,” she welcomes leaks of sensitive information against his administration because it gives people a source of information.

“Of course we don’t want classified information leaked out, and I don’t think they would do that with a credible president. They’re doing that to this president because he defined himself as someone that cannot be trusted, someone that will get this country in trouble. And so I welcome the leaks. I welcome the information. That keeps us focused on him and talking about what is wrong with him.”

Outside of encouraging espionage to harm the president of the United States, Waters has a well-documented history of hurling outrageous claims to embolden her hate for President Trump.

Just last week, Waters called Attorney General Jeff Sessions the “king of racism, police brutality, and the war on marijuana,” snidely suggesting that was why he and President Trump work well with one another.

Waters’ behavior is despicable, but Democrats have embraced the Democrat from California as the new face of their party. The Left loves it when Waters calls President Trump “vile” or “crazy” and demands that he is impeached for no reason at all; in fact, Democrats encourage it.

The leaks from the White House are not coming from people with good intentions; they are coming from Deep State actors and Obama holdovers determined to harm President Trump at all costs.

Americans have excused her endless barrage of insults for too long, and openly calling for the leaking of classified information to derail the president’s administration is borderline treason and should never be tolerated.

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