After Manchester Bombing, New Poll Destroys Media Lies About Trump

After Manchester Bombing New Poll Destroys Media Lies About Trump

From the moment he entered the presidential race, and increasing in intensity since, the liberal media have done their worst to malign Donald Trump in a bid to kill his popularity and ensure his agenda never gets enacted.

Though the constant media harping on both real and made-up scandals has had some success in holding down President Trump’s approval ratings with the voting public, it has not succeeded in utterly destroying his presidency. In fact, it may have reached the point of diminishing returns, as Rasmussen just reported that the president’s approval rating has reached 48 percent.

The daily tracking poll that reports a rolling three-day rolling average of poll results pegged Trump’s disapproval rating at 52 percent, with 41 percent being listed as “strongly disapprove.” Of the 48 percent who approve of Trump’s job thus far, 31 percent stated they “strongly approve” of the president’s performance.

The poll showed some improvement for Trump from the prior week, likely due to his thus far hugely successful foreign trip and tough reaction to the recent Islamist homicide bombing in Manchester.

RealClearPolitics, which combines numerous polls into one average, had Trump at 40.1 percent approval and 54 percent disapproval, and while that average is heavily weighted with several potentially skewed polls — remember how awful the polls in 2016 were — the number nevertheless showed that Trump’s approval had begun to rise following a couple of weeks of constant negative media coverage.

Not surprisingly, The Washington Post dutifully felt the need to pontificate on how low Trump’s approval rating could go later while reporting on the results of a forecasting poll that estimated what the president’s ratings would be as of August 2017.

According to that poll, the overwhelming majority of respondents thought that Trump’s approval rating would pretty much remain where it has been, with 63 percent saying between 30 and 40 percent approval and 26 percent placing it between 40 and 50 percent.

Only 11 percent figured Trump’s approval would dip below 30 percent, but virtually nobody thought the president would clear the 50 percent mark.

The Rasmussen poll aside, it is obvious that the constant lies and smears from the media have been working to some extent to keep Trump’s approval rating down, but if the president can avoid making any major blunders, and if positive changes and affirmative events continue to occur, the American people will see what is really going on.

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