Man Wrestled Down on Flight, Restrained as F-22s Escort Plane

Man Wrestled Down on Flight Restrained as F-22s Escort Plane

A commercial flight headed to Honolulu, Hawaii, was escorted by F-22 fighter jets after reports of an unruly passenger who screamed, pounded and caused quite a disruption during a commercial flight.

According to The Washington Post, the incident occurred on May 19, 2017. Turkish native Anil Uskanli, 25, was on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles International Airport headed to Honolulu when he caused a terrifying scene inside the plane.

Reports state that at the beginning of the flight, Uskanli went to use the bathroom but failed to lock the door. When another passenger entered the bathroom, Uskanli flew into a rage, screaming and pounding on the walls.

That’s when flight crews issued the first level 1 security measure and put the flight deck on lockdown.

A complaint filed by the United States Department of Justice explained that Uskanli then grabbed his laptop, put a blanket around his head and proceeded to walk toward the first class seating area until a flight attendant blocked him with a drink cart.

When the flight attendant asked others to assist, Uskanli proceeded back to his original seat, escorted by an off-duty law enforcement official.

“The law enforcement officer and Uskanli remained in the seats for the rest of the flight. Flight attendants followed protocol for handling of possible explosive materials,” the complaint stated. “They also alerted the captain of the events, and the captain then implemented a level 4 emergency. Two military fighter jets from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam were dispatched to escort the flight to safe landing.”

Once everyone was off the plane, officials dispatched a bomb squad and K-9s to ensure the safety of the plane. Thankfully, no explosives were found.

Uskanli was charged with one count of Interference with flight crew members and attendants, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

According to Honolulu Star Advertiser, even Uskanli’s attorney, Peter Wolff, agreed that his client’s actions were out of control. As a result, Wolff agreed Uskanli should undertake a competency test.

“I think he needs some actual treatment,” Wolff said.

Hopefully Uskanli will get both what he needs and what he deserves. What a horrifying experience for the passengers and crew members of this flight, especially with threats of terror attacks throughout the world.

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