Man Wades into Alligator-Infested Waters When He Hears Tiny Cries in Dark Forest

Man Wades into Alligator-Infested Waters When He Hears Tiny Cries in Dark Forest

Tiny cries emerged from deep in the dark, Louisiana swamp. With murky, algae-filled water all around, it was impossible to see the frantic animal crying for help.

Striking video captured the rescue operation. At first, no critter could be seen, only its panicked cries could be heard.

“It’s getting deep!” said the man wading hip-deep in the murky water. That man was Randall Kolb, better known as the Cat Rescue Guy.

That’s right, a cat had managed to tree itself after hurricane waters rose. Fortunately, a bird watcher had noticed the cat while on a road through the swamp and had called a local animal shelter.

Kolb runs a free rescue operation for cats in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area. His latest rescue involves a cat that found itself in a particularly precarious situation near Sorrento.

It turns out that the cat was deep in alligator-infested waters. With no way to escape, it remained stuck in a tree, surrounded by reeds and deep water.

Kolb needed a pole to test the water’s depth as he tried to reach the poor feline. As he waded closer, a small cat could finally be seen.

Kolb checked for dangerous snakes and alligators while offering words of comfort to the frightened animal. While the cat was clearly relieved to see Kolb, it was frightened and stressed.

When Kolb offered a cat carrier, the cat climbed in with barely a moment’s hesitation. “Got it!” Kolb said to his wife.

With another successful rescue under his belt, Kolb made his way out of the swamp. It was slow going to get out of the reeds, but he finally emerged with the kitty in tow.

Kolb said that rescuing cats is simply what he enjoys. On his website, he wrote, “I rescue cats for free because I love cats, I hate suffering, and I don’t want the cat to suffer just because someone can’t pay. Besides, I am retired, so I have the time.”

More importantly, Kolb aims to reduce suffering in the world, one animal at a time. He wrote, “This is one way in which I am uniquely suited to reduce suffering, and it gives me great joy to do so.”

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Kolb has found a unique way to help those in need. What do you think of his work?