Man Tells Life Story About Growing up in Socialist “Utopia”

Man Tells Life Story About Growing up in Socialist Utopia

As someone who grew up in Venezuela, law student Ricardo Pita knows firsthand how it feels to live in a socialist “utopia” whose government is based on the very sorts of redistributionist schemes sought after by uninformed Democrat legislators in the United States.

In a chilling op-ed for The Daily Signal this week, Pita described in vivid detail listening as his “parents whispered about yet another kidnapping in the neighborhood,” watching as his “grandmother returned home teary-eyed after being mugged” and giving up favorite pastimes as it became “no longer safe to play baseball in the streets.”

According to Forbes, Venezuela’s sojourn into socialism began following the 1998 election of Bolivarian revolutionary leader Hugh Chavez, who thereafter “passed laws redistributing land and wealth,” nationalized much of the country’s industries and eventually even introduced price controls.

“Led by … Chavez, the socialists implemented measures that crippled the private sector and triggered massive capital flights and brain drains,” leaving his parents no other option but to flee for America so their kids could have a second chance at life, Pita wrote.

It was here he and his brother discovered the meaning of true freedom and liberty.

“This second chance allowed my brother and I to know and grow up in a country whose society is at its best when individuals are empowered, not burdened, by the government,” wrote Pita, whose Twitter profile identifies him as a student at the University of Miami School of Law. “This is a nation where civil society and strong families are the driving force of its national vitality — where hard work is rewarded and success is praised, not envied.”

Sadly, the majority of Venezuela’s estimated 31 million citizens will never experience anything even close to this. As of May, most of its citizens were, in fact, practically starving, struggling to just make it another day.

According to a shocking report by The Wall Street Journal, “Three in four Venezuelans said they had lost weight last year, an average of 19 pounds.”

“History has repeatedly shown socialism to be a corrupt and destructive force, and there is no better example of this than in today’s Venezuela,” Pita concluded in his op-ed.

Yet many liberal Democrats still chase after this elusive “utopia,” despite mountains of evidence making it clear that socialism invariably lays waste to a society, leaving its citizens physically, emotionally and spiritually deprived — or just plain dead.

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