Man Swears at Judge, Gets 30 Days in Jail

Man Swears at Judge Gets 30 Days in Jail

There is always something interesting happening in courthouses. Sentencing criminals to lengthy prison sentences doesn’t always go over well, and sometimes these criminals tend to act out.

Jack Cardwell, 25, learned the hard way that acting out in court does come with a price, after he swore at Judge John Kennedy in Champaign County, Illinois, The Champaign News-Gazette reported.

During Cardwell’s arraignment, he uttered an expletive about his situation after the judge had finished arraigning him on domestic battery charges and was preparing to move on to the next case on his schedule.

After the judge heard Cardwell’s expletive, he called him back to the bench, where Cardwell decided it would be a great idea to swear some more.

His behavior got him 30 days in jail on the charge of criminal contempt. Cardwell issued an apology to the judge, but he still has to serve the time.

“I know I was out of line. I was in a very emotional state, and I apologize,” his apology stated.

Cardwell could have been sentenced to six months in jail for his little outburst, so he got lucky that the judge didn’t give him the full sentence. Cardwell still might have to serve even more time once his domestic battery case is resolved.

While emotions often run high in a courtroom, Cardwell should have known better than to start swearing at a judge over something that wasn’t the judge’s fault.

Whatever Cardwell did got him into the situation where he was in a courtroom on domestic battery charges; Judge Kennedy had nothing to do with that.

Hopefully Cardwell learned his lesson and will act a little more civilized in the future.

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