Man Snaps Photo of Bald Eagle… Goes Viral When Viewers See What Was on Its Back

Man Snaps Photo of Bald Eagle Goes Viral When Viewers See What Was on Its Back

A wildlife photographer was visiting family in Wisconsin when he decided to photograph some of the various birds in the area. When he got this shot of a rare bald eagle, he was surprised to see a small blackbird hitching a ride on the back of the majestic bird.

The photograph was taken in Antigo, a city located in Langlade County in North Central Wisconsin. While visiting Remington Lake, one of the 543 lakes in the area, Chris Tolton of Virgina happened upon the rare bald eagle sighting.

Tolton immediately grabbed his camera and started snapping away, only to see that the eagle had a secret hidden behind his expansive wings.

A small red-winged blackbird was flying above the bald eagle and at one point landed on the eagle and went along for the ride.

In a Skype interview with Newsline 9, Tolton said he almost couldn’t believe what he was capturing. “I really didn’t believe my own eyes there for a few seconds until the flight had ended and I went back and reviewed my photos,” he said adding that he regularly takes wildlife photos but he never saw anything this remarkable.

Tolton hinted that he believed the blackbird was trying to protect its nest from the bald eagle by squawking at the predator as well as jumping on its back.

Bolton admitted that his photography habit began back in sixth grade, but since his retirement from his careers as a naval officer and a Secret Service agent, he has more time on his hands to focus on his hobby.

This isn’t the first time another bird has hitched a ride on top of a bald Eagle. In 2016, a YouTube video captured a crow taking a ride along the eagle express.

Who wouldn’t want to ride on top of that amazing creature? It’s absolutely fascinating.

A lot can be said for the fact that bald eagles represent America — just look at how graceful and massive this large predator is. It’s beautiful to look at, but don’t think you can put one over on it. Just like America, these birds do not play nice when it comes to doing what it has to do to survive.

If I had to choose which bird I’d want to be, I would pick a bald eagle… hands down. Or rather… talons down.

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