Man Pulls Grenade Pin for “Cool” Photo, Ends Up in Morgue

Man Pulls Grenade Pin for Cool Photo Ends Up in Morgue

There are a lot of people in this world who do some exceptionally stupid things. Usually, these people end up paying for their actions dearly, sometimes with their lives.

A man in Russia is now dead after he thought it would be a great idea to pull the pin out of a grenade and send a photo of it to his friend, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The man, Alexander “Sasha” Chechik, texted a photo of the grenade to his friend, and authorities believe that may have been the last thing he ever did because the grenade blew up shortly after that.

Authorities don’t believe that the Chechik was trying to kill himself. He probably didn’t understand that pulling the pin from a grenade meant it would explode.

Police have ruled the death an accident, not a suicide.

The U.K. Sun reported that a screenshot of the conversation between Chechik and his friend showed what happened leading up to the incident.

“Where are you? Are you OK?” asked the friend.

“Depends on what OK is in your understanding?” replied Chechik, along with the photo of the grenade.

The friend then sent back a few texts asking where Chechik was, and telling him not to do anything stupid.

I’d say that Chechik had already passed the point of doing something stupid when he decided to pull the pin out of the grenade and take a photo of it.

You can see part of the exchange here, though the writing is in the Cyrillic alphabet.

In the realm of idiotic things social media users have done, this one probably is somewhere near the top. It’s pretty basic knowledge that pulling the pin out of a grenade activates it.

The U.K. Independent noted that Chechik did get the pin back in the grenade, but it was too late and the explosion, “broke him in half.”

Russian authorities have also launched an investigation to figure out just how Chechik managed to get his hands on a grenade.

Hopefully, this man’s death will serve as a lesson to everyone out that there who doesn’t already know it: Pulling the pin on a grenade is not a good idea.

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