Man Grabs Plywood, Solves 4,000-Year-Old Stonehenge Mystery

Man Grabs Plywood Solves 4000-Year-Old Stonehenge Mystery

Stonehenge has always been a source of fascination and awe, especially to those who get a chance to look at the structure up close. However, it has always remained a mystery as to how these massive stones were erected. One man thinks he has figured the mystery out and set out to prove his theory.

Wally Wallington, a retired construction worker from Lapeer County, Michigan, has a fascination with moving heavy objects, so when he came across the mystery of Stonehenge he couldn’t wait to crack the puzzle on how the structure was created.

Stonehenge is an impressive monument, considering that over the centuries it was built, only the most primitive tools were available.

So how did the prehistoric people of ancient Britain move and lift this “ring of standing stones” that weigh about 25 tons each?

This question has intrigued scholars and scientists for ages. Wallington, however, has an idea and it involves wood and some smaller stones.

“I thought of a simple explanation for this, to move blocks about the weight of a minivan would be to place a stone underneath it and once I balance on it… I could spin it.” Wallington said in a YouTube video that shows a recreation of Stonehenge in his own backyard.

“Course with that spin, you see I didn’t go anywhere,” he added.

Don’t worry… Wellington has a solution for this too. “But I got two handles on my lever and I can place another stone on this side. Now every time I spin a half rotation on each stone, I move the block horizontally the distance between the stones. “

“I can move a one ton block 300 feet per hour,” Wallington said.

See the video below to learn more on how Wellington was able to not only move these stones, but lift them as well to create his own modern Stonehenge using pre-modern technology.

This is what humans can do using the brains God gave us. What those primitive societies lacked in technology, they had in imagination and intelligence. Imagine what could happen if we all learned to put more work into what we do rather than relying on the automation of so many areas of our lives.


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