Man Chases Car, Minutes Later the Citizen’s Arrest Is Going Viral

Man Chases Car Minutes Later the Citizens Arrest Is Going Viral

A Texas man’s citizen arrest has gone viral after he caught a man apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol driving erratically. The good Samaritan’s quick-thinking was all caught on tape and now his actions are being praised for keeping a dangerous man off the Houston streets.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the incident occurred on July 22, when Alejandro Fernandez spotted the driver in a white Ford Mustang. The car already had some damage and the driver was weaving in and out of lanes, at one point even driving on the wrong side of the road.

Fernandez was driving with his family when he noticed the dangerous driver. Despite his family telling him to be careful, Fernandez knew that this driver was a danger to others and kept on following him to make sure that he did not cause any harm.

The Mustang eventually pulled into a parking lot and that’s when Fernandez tried to get a local security guard to arrest the man. The security guard did not seem willing to help at first, or maybe misunderstood what was happening, so that’s when Fernandez jumped out of the car and ran over to the drunk driver.

“I’m going to get the guy to get out of the car,” Fernandez can be heard saying in the clip.

Fernandez and another male then force the man’s car door open. The man can be heard saying, “just chill out,” but the two good citizens were not having any of it. They forcefully pulled him out of the car and performed an awesome citizen’s arrest.

The resulting video was then posted on Newsflare where it quickly went viral. In the caption for the video, Fernandez explained that he saw the man earlier with his crashed passenger side and decided to follow him to a restaurant. At the restaurant they called police and Fernandez decided to leave and let authorities handle the situation, but then noticed the driver of the Mustang had hopped back in his car.

That is when they began following him again and filming the situation. Fernandez explained that, “while we were on the phone with 911, he missed many cars and entered the parking lot of Central Market, parking lot was full of people, many of who were children so we had to act quick to try to stop the guy before something bad happened.”

“The guy saw me coming and he backed up into another vehicle, I had to go around to avoid getting ran over, tried opening his door but it was locked, luckily he opened the window and I went in, put the car in park and opened the door, I saw him trying to reach to put the car into gear so I had to pull him out of the car,” he added.

See the dramatic footage below:

According to the Daily Mail, the driver of the Mustang was identified as 28-year-old Sirkon Ash. He was arrested by policy and charged with a felony DWI because it was his third arrest on the charge.

“Many people have criticized how I acted, telling me that I shouldn’t have got involve, that the guy could have ran me over and kill me, but at that point I only thought of doing something before someone got hurt,” Fernandez wrote in the video caption, adding that two close friends of his died from similar circumstances.

Good Samaritans have been known to appear when they’re really needed, but not everybody will step in to stop a crime like this.

Thanks to the actions of this Texan man, no one was hurt by this repeat offender. You don’t mess with Texas.

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