Man Attaches Huge Firework Mortar to Glider… Creates IED That Targets Neighbor’s Front Door

Man Attaches Huge Firework Mortar to Glider Creates IED That Targets Neighbors Front Door

The Independence Day holiday in America always brings out the best and worst in people. There are incredible displays of patriotism during the holiday, but there are also people who do really stupid things with fireworks.

Every year, multiple people injure themselves attempting to light off fireworks. A video from 2016 has once again started circulating the internet showing yet another stupid Independence Day fireworks incident.

In this video, a man (who is identified as the “uncle” by the person recording it) has attached fireworks to a fairly large toy plane, and launches it into the air.

Undoubtedly, the idea was to have the fireworks propel it up high, and have it explode in the air, but that’s not quite what happened. The plane pretty much became an airborne IED, started to spiral down, hit a house in the neighborhood and blew up.

In the video it is pretty clear that the people watching really right away that this isn’t going to go according to plan.

You can hear someone in the background saying “oh no” as they helplessly watch the plane head straight for the house.

You can watch the footage here:

The video cuts away almost immediately after the fireworks go off, so we don’t know how much damage the fireworks caused to the house, but it probably wasn’t pretty.

Since fireworks are pretty much gunpowder, the explosion at the very least damaged the siding of the house. The people behind this prank are lucky it didn’t crash through a window of the house and blow up.

This sort of stunt probably would have been better off being conducted in a wide open field where there was no risk of hitting an occupied dwelling.

Hopefully, no one inside the home was hurt by this stunt, and hopefully, the damage to the house wasn’t too bad.

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