Major NFL Tickets Seller Announced Discount Of NFL Tickets

Major NFL Tickets Seller Announced Discount Of NFL Tickets

The NFL might have an impression that they can do anything they want and the admirers will come back to them day after day for their sprots solutions.

Anyhow, according to the poll conducted by the Remington Research Group and current “deal” by StubHub, they might be wrong.

First, something about the poll.

Democrats might think that President Trump has a unconventional opinion on NLF players who dishonored the national anthem and knelt, but a Remington Research Group’s poll confirmed that a challenging 64% of interviewers thinks that NFL players should respect the national anthem and stand.

In addition, also 64% of the interviewers, answering the other question, said that they agree with President Trump viewpoint on standing during the national anthem and as Guardian reported, this is even though the President Trump is criticized for vulgarizing the kneelers.

And there is more.

Fifty-one percent of interviewers said that this year they watch less football compared to last year, and the reason for that as sixty nine percent of them stated is because of sport players who try to propagate their political standings.

And now something about the “deal.”

StubHub is a ticket site which announced discount of NFL tickets from Sept. 28 to Sept. 29 up to 10 percent.

There is a special offer on NBA and NHL tickets, but the point is this:

Gateway Pundit emphasized that if the NFL players had the needed support then the StubHub wouldn’t have to make the special offers and announce the discount for the tickets.

In addition, the Washington Examiner reported that NFL another website TickPick which also sells NFL tickets, is down in sales for 17.9 percent this week compared to last week. For comparison this percent was only 10 over the same period last year.

It’s very obvious that if NFL don’t pay attention to their audience, they will lose the attendees and viewers.

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