Maddow Made an Outrageous Analysis About the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Maddow Made an Outrageous Analysis About the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Rachel Maddow recently made a shocking analysis about the massacre in Las Vegas which quickly backfired and left many people in questions?

Maddow made a horribly wrong comparison between the Las Vegas massacre and the 9/11 by saying the shooting was even worse than if the shooter had crashed a plane.

Maddow said the shooter was “able to assemble and set up enough, apparently legal, firepower that he, as a single person, created more victims than if he had crashed a fully loaded 747.”

By now people don’t expect much from Maddow seeing how she rarely makes any sense and having that ignorant audience, she doesn’t really have to. But it is important to talk about these kinds of ideas because she is subjecting her viewers to nonsense like this almost every day.

Maddow surely wasn’t talking about the shooter crashing a “fully loaded” 747 into the crowd, because the plane would have killed every person that was at the festival, and that would mean a lot more than 59 people dead.

Doesn’t really matter what Maddow was talking about, when her goal was only to score some liberal points, by conjuring the specter of one of the worst days in American history to elevate the importance of a mass shooting liberals think they can use for political gain.

Her viewers might like this kind of nonsense, but the vast majority of Americans won’t buy her crap. Such comments won’t be tolerated when it comes to serious issues especially when it is a delicate matter like the massacre that happened in Las Vegas.

If Maddow continues to make such remarks her credibility will go down together with her reputation.

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