As Mad Dog Tightens the Grip on ISIS, Fighters Are Performing Bizarre Act to Flee

As Mad Dog Tightens the Grip on ISIS Fighters Are Performing Bizarre Act to Flee

The fight against the Islamic State terror group in Iraq has taken a major turn in recent months, and the terror group is finally being pushed back and defeated by the United States and Iraqi forces.

Most recently, the Iraqi city of Mosul was liberated from Islamic State group control. While a large number of terrorists were killed in the fighting, many of them tried to flee in some interesting disguises, TheBlaze reported.

According to a Kurdish news source, Kurdistan 24, which posted photos on its Twitter page, a number of Islamic State group fighters were caught fleeing Mosul disguised as women.

While some terrorists simply wore burkas to attempt to evade detection, others went all out with padded bras, lipstick and other makeup.

The Islamic State group has made its disdain for women abundantly clear, which makes the fact that these terrorists were caught dressing as women all the more amusing.

This isn’t the first time that terrorists have disguised themselves as women in an attempt to flee, but it is the most recent. Clearly these disguises didn’t work all that well, but they provided some great photos!

We should note that there is no way to confirm that the people in these photos are Islamic State group members, but we find it hard to believe anyone would willingly do this to themselves just to create a few fake news stories.

Islamic State group terrorists like to claim that they are the toughest people around, but at the end of the day all they are just cowards — or as President Trump calls them, “losers.”

Hopefully the Trump administration has a plan to completely eliminate all Islamic State terror group militants so we don’t have to worry about them fleeing the Middle East in anymore strange disguises.

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