LV Security Guard Still Missing Weeks After Shooting

LV Security Guard Still Missing Weeks After Shooting

Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay Resort​ security guard who helped point Las Vegas police officers to gunman Stephen Paddock’s room after Paddock opened fire on a country music festival on Oct. 1, appears to have disappeared.

“We have had no contact with him,” David Hickey, the president of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America union, told the Los Angeles Times on Monday. “Clearly, somebody knows where he is.”

Hickey said he last saw Campos on Thursday, when they met to plan the guard’s upcoming interviews with several TV news hosts, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

As Hickey reportedly attended a meeting with MGM representatives, Campos sat with an MGM security guard in another room. But when the meeting ended at 2 p.m., Campos was gone.

Hickey said he’d originally been told in a text that Campos had gone to an urgent-care clinic, according to Fox News.

“When I got in touch with the other union member, I was told Campos was taken to the Quick Care,” Hickey told the Los Angeles Times.

But UMC Quick Care, which reportedly has eight locations in the Vegas area, has confirmed with Fox News that they have “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them, meaning presumably they have no records to show he ever checked into one of their locations.

Hickey wound up having to cancel Campos’ interviews:

While some might argue Campos is simply trying to lay low and avoid the limelight, this doesn’t make sense.

In an interview last week with Vegas station KVVU, Hickey revealed Campos had been the one who requested interviews with the media. Apparently, he was looking forward to telling his side of the story. So then why would he disappear? It doesn’t add up, though many of the facts surrounding Paddock’s mass shooting don’t.

As of Tuesday, authorities had yet to reach a conclusive timeline of what happened, let alone determine Paddock’s motivation for his mass shooting. In fact, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s interpretation of events has repeatedly been modified.

The constant corrections have raised “questions about why it took police 12 minutes to find the gunman’s hotel room when officers were already in the building and why they were searching other rooms when they were told (by Campos) the gunman was on the 32nd floor,” as noted by the Times.

Regarding Campos, his friends, family and co-workers have claimed he’s always been a private person, though they too remain confused by his recent behavior.

“He’s a hero … and nobody knows where he is,” said his neighbor, Jaime Ruano.

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