Los Angeles proves it’s a college town, at least in terms of football attendance

Los Angeles proves its a college town at least in terms of football attendance

Pro football in Los Angeles is not exactly fan-tastic in the early going of the 2017 NFL season.

Both L.A. teams, the Chargers and the Rams, lost competitive games on Sunday. But the final scores weren’t the most glaring statistics to come out of those games.

The Rams, who hosted the Redskins at the L.A. Coliseum, and the Chargers, who played at their temporary home, the StubHub Center, had fewer people in attendance, combined, than USC had for its game Saturday against Texas.

The Rams, coming off an impressive 46-9 thrashing of the Colts the previous week, drew just 56,612 fans for its 27-20 loss against Washington. That’s down from 60,128 tickets sold for the Colts game.

The Coliseum holds about 93,000, so there were plenty of empty seats.

The Chargers, who play at the much smaller StubHub Center, couldn’t even sell it out. The StubHub Center is the home of the L.A. Galaxy of the MLS and holds just 27,000.

The Chargers, in their very first game in L.A. since moving from San Diego, attracted only 25,381 for their 19-17, last-second loss to the Dolphins.

The combined attendance for the Rams and Chargers on Sunday was 81,993.

By comparison, 84,714 fans attended USC’s thrilling 27-24 double-overtime win over the Longhorns.

The most embarrassing part of it for the Chargers was that a good portion of those 25,000-plus were Dolphins fans. In fact, when Chargers kicker Younghoe Koo missed a 44-yard field-goal in the final seconds that would have won the game, you would have thought the Chargers were playing in Miami the cheer was so loud.

Koo’s missed field goal officially registered the loudest cheer of the game at 106.1 A-weighted decibels, according to ESPN.com.

“It was crazy,” Chargers running back Melvin Gordon said. “There were a lot of Chargers fans and there were also a lot of Miami fans. I think it was around 50-50, but it was nice to see a full house.”

That’s not exactly the math you want to see in your own building.

“I thought there was great energy in the stadium,” Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said after the game. “Obviously the loudest roar came at the end after the missed field goal. That’s where you really got to see how many Dolphins fans there were. I heard the roar before I saw the official’s signal. I wasn’t sure which roar it was.”

Again, not good for the home team.

The Chargers host the Chiefs next week, and they’re again likely to see a large number of fans for the visiting team. The Rams, meanwhile, travel to San Francisco.

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