Look at What Liberals Are Leaving for Eric and Lara Trump’s New Baby

Look at What Liberals Are Leaving for Eric and Lara Trumps New Baby

If one thing has become crystal clear in the last several months, it’s that absolutely nothing the Trump family does is good enough for the left. In fact, nearly everything they do is cause for extreme hatred. Even the birth of President Donald Trump’s grandchild brought an uproar of disgusting, vitriolic tweets from leftists.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara welcomed their son Luke into the world earlier in September. How could anyone have anything bad to say about that? Unfortunately, liberals had plenty to say.

Fully in concordance with Democrats’ oft quoted motto “love trumps hate,” DeadHeadMarc tweeted, “I can’t believe they let you procreate.

User CJH shared love, tweeting, “Stop breeding more trumps!”

Bishop Talbert Swan showed his true colors:

And there’s more:

Absolutely revolting.

And even more…

Thankfully, most of the responses on the post were kind and congratulatory, but it’s just pathetic that radical leftists feel compelled to attack President Donald Trump’s grandson. It’s a shame these people feel such hatred in their hearts that they would wish ill on a small infant — only God can cure that kind of hatred.

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