Libs Panic Over Trump’s Promise of “Energy Dominance”

Libs Panic Over Trumps Promise of Energy Dominance

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised that he would work tirelessly to ensure that American energy was once again allowed to grow, and that America would become the greatest energy producing country in the world.

As president, Trump has taken several steps to begin following through on that promise. On Wednesday, during a roundtable meeting with state, local and tribal leaders as part of “energy week,” Trump made a promise to them — and the American people, The Washington Times reported.

Promising the lift regulations, Trump vowed that he would oversee a “golden age of American energy dominance.” That’s a promise that millions of hard working Americans are counting on Trump to follow through on.

Liberals on the other hand are undoubtedly going to start panicking over this promise. To them, anything that doesn’t involve solar panels, wind turbines or other alternative forms of energy that don’t work terribly well is a tragedy.

“For too long, the federal government has put up restrictions and regulations that put this energy wealth out of reach. It’s just totally out of reach,” Trump said.

“It’s been really restricted, the development itself has been restricted and vast amounts of deposits of coal and other resources have, in a way, been taken out of your hands and we’re going to have that change. We’re going to put it back in your hands,” Trump vowed.

I can already see liberals crying about how Trump’s promise will destroy the environment, kill all the animals and turn the world into a polluted wasteland.