Libs Horrified When They See What Kellyanne Had on Her Neck While Receiving Honor

Libs Horrified When They See What Kellyanne Had on Her Neck While Receiving Honor

There are plenty of reasons to love presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, but one certainly is that she’s a human triggering machine. She can send a liberal from 0 to safe space in just 3.4 seconds. And sometimes, she doesn’t even have to say anything.

That’s what happened recently when she was interviewed by Time Magazine for its list of 25 pioneering women, called “Firsts: Women Who are Changing the World.”

Interviewed about being the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign, Conway had plenty of interesting things to say. However, it was what she wore that likely had the left hyperventilating.

Take a look at the medallion she wore during the interview:

Here’s a closer look:

Yes, that’s Donald J. Trump’s presidential seal. Troll level: Expert.

It wasn’t just what she wore that was so newsworthy about her interview, either. In part of her profile, she talks about growing up in a “very unconventional household that contained my mother, her mother and two of my mother’s unmarried sisters. Four Italian Catholic women.”

“I call them South Jersey’s version of ‘The Golden Girls,’ wearing the housecoats with the snaps and everything,” Conway said. “I was taught to be self-possessed, respectful, decorous, patient, kind and generous — wonderful, positive attributes that serve you well in life. But I was also taught to be a little self-denying, even as some women would find that shocking, wondering ‘why is that a positive attribute?’”

Conway also noted that she “was taught to be a very strong, independent and free-thinking woman without ever hearing the words feminist or Republican or liberal. I appreciate that so much, to have not been fed labels and taught definitions, but instead to have been given the foundation upon which to develop my own strengths to my best and highest use throughout my educational, professional and maternal endeavors.”

Respect, patience and self-denial being part of success, all without identity politics? It looks like the left has more to be triggered over than just the medallion.

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