Libs Furious at 8 Words Trump Dropped on Congress After Destroying DACA

Libs Furious at 8 Words Trump Dropped on Congress After Destroying DACA

That which can established by executive order can also be undone by executive order. Liberals in Washington learned that the hard way when the Trump administration ended the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program.

“Simply put, if we are to further our goal of strengthening the constitutional order and the rule of law in America, the Department of Justice cannot defend this type of overreach,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday as he announced that the program would be wound down, positing that it was Congress’ role to enact such programs. “Ending the previous Administration’s disrespect for the legislative process is an important first step … Congress should carefully and thoughtfully pursue the types of reforms that are right for the American people.”

Sessions noted that a similar program, DAPA — Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, which gave a similar quasi-legal status to illegal immigrant parents of children who were American citizens — had been struck down by courts, with one ruling noting that the executive order that implemented it was “foreclosed by Congress’s careful plan.”

And that’s why the president dropped eight words on Congress that infuriated the left:

“Congress, get ready to do your job – DACA!” the president tweeted Tuesday morning.

As part of his administration’s repeal of DACA, Trump gave Congress a six-month period to come up with a plan to replace it. Democrats, meanwhile, whined like a bunch of stuck pigs. And while some said that Congress should act to protect the so-called “Dreamers,” you may have noticed one thing missing from their entreaties:

Notice one thing none of them say? They’re going to work with Republicans. Yes, even though the GOP controls both houses of Congress, they’re entirely absent in any talk of a DACA bill — almost as if these Democrats are commanding them to pass Obama’s executive order exactly as written.

Good luck with that. The reason that bills like these are supposed to originate in Congress is because it allows democratically-elected legislators to enact the will of the people. Now, years after that power was taken away through Barack Obama’s pen and phone, Congress is being given a second chance to get immigration reform right. Let’s see if the Democrats can swallow their pride and work with Republicans, or if they still think they’re in the halcyon days of 2012.

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