Liberals Freak After Seeing Epic Photo of Secretary of the Navy

Liberals Freak After Seeing Epic Photo of Secretary of the Navy

When Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer visited with troops in Afghanistan during the holidays last month, he did so with a trusty handgun lodged at his side.

For this — for daring to preemptively protect himself while in one of the most dangerous nations on Earth — he was criticized on social media.

And not just by random liberal schmucks, but by “fake news” CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr, as well.

Take a look below at the response Starr posted to Twitter after a photo of Spencer with his gun in Afghanistan went viral:

Because Marine commanders had “provided the secretary with a handgun, ammunition and a holster when he toured Camp Shorab and other spots in the war ravaged country on Dec. 23,” according to The San Diego Union-Tribune, which obtained this information from Navy spokesman Capt. Patrick McNally.

“He was offered the weapon to carry while he was traveling around (Afghanistan) and he accepted that offer,” McNally said. “It was not something that he specifically requested and it was offered to everybody on the travel team.”

Starr could have found this out for herself had she done her job, but apparently, doing one’s job doesn’t come easy to the bright folks at “fake news” CNN. Below is the original photo that triggered her:

But she wasn’t the only one to raise concerns about the photo.



It’s just a gun, folks. And one being carried by the secretary of one of the nation’s military branches, for goodness’ sake. Give it a rest, already.

Plus, judging by Spencer’s past, he clearly knows how to use a firearm: “Spencer, 63, was a Marine H-46 Sea Knight pilot before leaving active duty in 1981 to enter the private finance sector,” the Union Tribune noted.

Business Insider further added it’s not even “out of the ordinary to see a uniformed senior military official carrying a pistol in a combat zone.”

It’s as ordinary as apple pie, except of course to some liberals and CNN, the same network that openly endorsed drug consumption during its New Year’s celebration.

Speaking of CNN, check out the replies Starr received for her foolish tweet:

That does indeed sound about right.

Remember … this is CNN!

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