Liberals Bash Trump’s Quotes from SOTU, Then Realize They’re Actually from Obama

Liberals Bash Trumps Quotes from SOTU Then Realize Theyre Actually from Obama

Over the past few years, I’ve become thoroughly convinced if you stamped President Trump’s name on a 10oz. brick of pure gold and offered it to liberals, they would refuse it.

I’ve come to this conclusion after watching the reflexive way that anything associated with the president — including his followers and policies — are treated in roughly the same way one would respond to raw sewage.

For proof, one only needs to turn to the good people at Campus Reform, who have proven time and again that when it comes to Trump, only the most uninformed of vitriol will do for the left.

The same outfit that took to the campus of NYU to find out what people thought of President Trump’s State of the Union one week before he gave it decided to go out on the streets of Gotham again, armed with what the interviewer said were some quotes from Trump’s speech.

Only they weren’t. They were quotes from Barack Obama’s State of the Union speeches. The results are glorious:

This time, Campus Reform was at John Jay College as opposed to NYU. Even though it’s slightly farther uptown (and considered more conservative, given John Jay’s focus on criminal justice), liberals will still be liberals.

When Obama’s quote that the Islamic State group were “killers and fanatics who have to be hunted down and destroyed” was put under the aegis of Trump’s speech, reactions were predictable.

“Well, first of all, ISIS is fake,” the first respondent said. “It’s something the government made up so they can continue doing what they want to do, which is world domination.”

“Donald Trump should like, you know, mind his own business and just focus on America, because he’s the president of the United States, not the whole world,” another young woman said.

“I think that’s a very strong statement,” another opined. “It kind of makes you like, a target.”

When another Obama quote was given — “When you come after Americans, we come after you. It may take time, but we have long memories and our reach has no limit” — the reaction was similar.

“It’s like he doesn’t think before speaking and how it’s like, going to affect a lot of people,” one young woman said.

“I mean, he’s got small hands, so I don’t know about his reach,” another said. (In fairness, probably the best answer of the whole video. At least the guy followed the GOP primaries.)

The ruse was eventually revealed, which got the interviewer a lot of surprised looks. The woman who said that Trump didn’t think before speaking is probably the best react of the bunch, but there’s still plenty of goodness to be had there.

Surprisingly, most of the individuals were able to admit to some level of bias regarding the president after the gambit was revealed, which is quite surprising. Perhaps it was the fact that said bias had already been revealed or the fact that John Jay is a bit less liberal than NYU. (It might also just be that none of them are heading into careers in the media, but that’s just a guess.)

It is a telling experiment, though, and wonderful to watch. Still waiting on them to film that bar of gold episode, though.

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