Liberal Woman Claims Assault After Being Offended by Confederate Flag Rug

Liberal Woman Claims Assault After Being Offended by Confederate Flag Rug

The phrase “liberal snowflake” has been overused lately — but sometimes it’s the only term that applies. It is difficult to think of a more fitting way to describe one woman in Oregon who filmed herself having an emotional meltdown after encountering a rug on display in a store.

According to TheBlaze, the incident occurred last Wednesday at a retail location in Portland. A woman named Heather Franklin noticed that the store had several rugs patterned after the Confederate flag.

Instead of simply taking her business elsewhere or calmly voicing her concerns, Franklin decided to confront employees inside the shop.

“Don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” she demanded while recording video. “It’s a symbol of slavery, it’s like having a swastika on your wall.”

The store employees did not take kindly to the confrontation. One of them suggested that the woman was overreacting

“How’s that a hate symbol?” he asked. “Read your history.”

You can see the video here (WARNING: Video contains adult language):

A second employee joined the altercation and gave a rude gesture to the woman filming him, while wondering out loud if she was a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporter.

“Which one did you vote for that lost?” the employee asked. “Is that why you’re in a bad mood?”

Due to the uncomfortable confrontation, the store employees asked the woman to leave the property. She exited the building, but remained in the store’s parking lot while continuing to film.

That’s when Heather Franklin became even more hysterical. Two employees also walked out of the store, but kept a reasonable distance from the uninvited woman. Franklin began screaming and acted is if she were being assaulted.

“Let me leave! Don’t come any closer!” she yelled.

A nearby person approached Franklin to see if she was alright. “I’m not (OK),” Franklin shrieked. “He just attacked me in the store!” However, her own video showed no such attack.

After the video of the rug-induced hysteria went viral, the CEO of the store was forced to take action. Andrew Toolson, the chief executive officer of Everyday Deals, explained to Oregon Live that the retail shop receives a wide variety of discount items for liquidation.

“We receive thousands of different products,” stated Toolson. “On that load were a few of these rugs with symbol of (the) Confederate flag. We’ve contacted the rug supplier and said please don’t send us those.”

The CEO also explained that he was not happy with how the employees handled the incident, and that they had been placed on leave.

There’s no doubt that the store representatives involved could have dealt with the altercation in a better manner. However, Heather Franklin seemed to be looking for an incident to record, and made frantic claims of an assault that appear to have been invented only in her head.

The woman seemed more interested in creating a dramatic video than leaving the location. A store and its parking lot are in fact private property, and refusing to vacate the premises after making customers uncomfortable and being asked to leave is trespassing.

A rug is an inanimate object, and like it or not, the Confederate flag is part of American history. Once again, the left has shown that even though they preach cultural “tolerance,” they are unable to handle anything that doesn’t perfectly match their worldview.

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