Liberal NUT Chelsea Handler Wants to ‘Trade’ Donald Trump for Kim Jong Un

Liberal NUT Chelsea Handler Wants to Trade Donald Trump for Kim Jong Un

Part-time comedian and full-time Trump-hater Chelsea Handler reached a new low on Thursday, suggesting that North Korean ‘Madman’ Kim Jong Un was “more sane” than President Donald Trump; hoping the US could swap leaders with the communist nation.

Handler made her sick comments on social media, where she praised the despot’s letter to the American president, adding it was “more sane” than Trump’s address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

“Uhhhh. Kim Jung’s letter to @realDonaldTrump is a little bit more sane than @realDonaldTrump. Maybe we trade?” she tweeted.

Apparently, the liberal comedian is so offended by President Trump that she’d prefer to live under a brutal communist regime; responsible for the deaths of millions of its own citizens by a crazed ‘Madman’ hell-bent on attaining nuclear weapons.

Handler’s comments were swiftly shot-down on social media, with users pointing out the absurdity of her statement.

“I’m no Trump fan, but this is weapons grade stupid,” wrote one user.

“Kim Jong Un: Death Camps, Sex Slaves, Starvation, Kidnappings, Murder @chelseahandler, this is abhorrently stupid. Even for you,” poster another.

Handler is no stranger to controversy regarding the President. The fire-breathing liberal has routinely slammed Trump as being a “white supremacist,” smeared the President as misogynistic, and even openly-called for a military coup in the United States.

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