Liberal Mayor’s Freak Out on White Privilege Caught on Tape… Trembling, Screaming

Liberal Mayors Freak Out on White Privilege Caught on Tape Trembling Screaming

“White privilege” is a term leftists like to throw around when making points about the so-called systemic racism they claim exists in the United States.

But when someone challenged the notion of white privilege during a city council meeting in New Brighton, Minnesota, Mayor Val Johnson became unhinged. Her behavior represented what every sane voter should be worried about — an elected official governing on feelings and emotions instead of facts and reality.

Video footage of the meeting — which took place in October — showed how tensions flared when someone voiced an opinion that differed from Johnson’s, and it was not pretty.

Anxiety levels began to rise during a discussion about establishing a city task force for minority outreach. Council Member Mary Burg told her fellow council members that since the entire body is white, they all had “white privilege,” which made it difficult for them to represent the different demographics of the city, which is just north of Minneapolis.

Burg’s notion that a white city council could not represent New Brighton did not sit well with then-Council Member Gina Bauman.

“Because I’m white, you think I was privileged my whole life? Are you kidding?” Bauman said.

Bauman challenged the idea and explained how she came from a family of immigrants. She also said that things did not always come easy to her simply because of her skin color.

She explained that the real “privilege” is being American, and being able to live in this country, regardless of race.

Bauman also told Burg that she thought she was generalizing by believing that all white people could not understand some of the challenges non-white people encounter.

That was the moment Johnson chimed in and called Bauman a racist.

Bauman defended herself and a heated debate ensued with the women interrupting each other for several minutes.

Johnson said the exchange made her so angry that she was shaking.

“Gina, I’m passionate about this,” Johnson said tearfully. “For you to disregard the fact that white privilege exists is beyond me.”

The Minnesota Star Tribune reported Johnson left the room for a short time to “gather herself,” and the meeting ended shortly thereafter.

Johnson’s reaction demonstrates how hysterical some Democrats become when someone disagrees with them. Johnson could not take it when Bauman challenged her beliefs and melted down when she failed to convince Bauman that white privilege exists.

That’s the Democratic Party of the 21st Century.

Johnson was re-elected to a four-year term in last month’s election, while Bauman, who had a controversial tenure, lost her bid for re-election. That means the citizens of New Brighton are likely to see some more hysterical outbursts.

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