A Liberal Idiot Says President Trump Caused The Hurricane

A Liberal Idiot Says President Trump Caused The Hurricane

One liberal idiot wrote on Facebook claiming Trump was responsible for the hurricanes happening on the East Coast of U.S., the post instantly went viral when the patriots of America saw what she was claiming.

This liberal goes by the name “Breanna Danielle,” and her ridiculous post got her a lot of unwanted attention from many conservatives. Breanna is a racist conspiracy theorist and as expected every theory of hers is about race. And that is exactly what her new theory is about, Trump’s evil plot to kill all black and Hispanic people.

She has only 1,700 followers on her page, but her post got over 72,000 shares and 21,000 reactions. And most of the reactions were from people expressing their disbelief over the stupidity of her post. That was when Breanna wrote, “Omg y’all is not serious under my posts looking like this.”

She even got the attention of Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, who made a clip about Breanna and other racist people.

Watson in the video named “The Truth About Hurricane Irma” asked, “Is there anything, anything you morons won’t tie into your Trump Derangement Syndrome?”

According to her Facebook page, Breanna seems to have many ridiculous conspiracies, and one of them is that the government is putting chemicals into hurricanes to make them stronger and control them.

“Y’all can call me dumb and crazy forever. But just know the word is spreading and people aren’t afraid to speak out anymore. If I had to be the dumbass to start it, so be it,” posted Breanna after getting all the negative attention.

The most terrifying this is that Breanna is just one of the many people who think Trump wants to kill blacks and Hispanics, all thanks to Obama, who encouraged Blacks Lives Matters and presented police officers as killers of minorities.

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