Liberal Hypocrisy on “Collusion” Summed Up By One Cartoon

Liberal Hypocrisy on Collusion Summed Up By One Cartoon

Seth Connell reports that Donald Trump Jr. released the contents of an email chain he had with a Russian attorney who claimed to have damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. agreed to the meeting, and since that fact was revealed the Left has lost their minds with more accusations of Kremlin collusion.

The idea that the meeting between Trump Jr. and this ostensible agent of the Russian government (which she is not) was illegal and even treasonous is simply nonsensical, and the President’s lawyer has come forth to lay out the facts about the case.

Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice discussed the issue on Good Morning America, and described exactly why (1) Trump Jr. did not break any laws, and (2) also pointed out that Hillary Clinton did the exact same thing and no one batted an eye.

Sekulow’s discussion of the issue begins around the 0:45 second mark.

Part of the issue that Sekulow addressed is the attempt to put the issue into the President’s lap, rather than keeping the issue where it belongs: with his son, the one who made contact and held the meeting. The President was not aware of this meeting until his son released the emails to get ahead of the New York Times’angle on the issue.

Not only that, but during the campaign, Hillary Clinton communicated and met with actual officials from the Ukrainian government who claimed to have the exact same kind of information against her opponent. But where was the outrage over that “treasonous” action from the Left?

Sekulow did say that he has not discussed with the President whether or not the conversation was appropriate, which I would say it was not; should this kind of message, and the various wording of the emails, not set off alarms with any reasonable person?

We now know that there appears to be some connection between this lawyer and the Democratic Party, as she was seen with senior Obama officials just days after the meeting with Don Jr. Does that not also raise a lot of questions?

Quite frankly, Trump Jr. got duped here; he went into the meeting thinking that he would receive criminally damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton, but it looks like it was really about a now ceased Russian child adoption program.

The attorney he met with is not a Russian government agent, and there was no information from the Russian government. And even if there was, would Vladimir Putin, former senior official in the KGB, be dumb enough to communicate information in this kind of manner? I think he’s smarter than that…

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