LGBQT Community Enraged When Bus Driver Steps Up and Actually Does His Job

LGBQT Community Enraged When Bus Driver Steps Up and Actually Does His Job

When a New York state school bus driver ordered boys to sit on the left side of the bus and girls to sit on the right side last week, he likely only meant to bring order to what had probably been a chaotic scene of a bunch of schoolchildren arguing and playing among themselves — like kids do.

Instead, he wound up stirring the LGBQT hornet’s test when he demanded that two biologically female students who claim to identify as “transgender boys” sit on the side of the bus with the girls. Despite repeated requests that they move to the correct side, the girls refused, according to the Glens Falls, New York-based Post-Star.

Disturbed by their disobedience, the South Glens Falls High School bus driver then issued them an ultimatum — switch to the correct side of the bus, or get off.

They chose the latter and were therefore kicked off the bus, after which they complained to a school administrator and were taken home on a different bus, the Post-Star reported.

Thanks to social media, a video of what happened that was recorded by another student has gone viral and been picked up by liberal and left-wing websites desperate to highlight the driver’s alleged bigotry.

Question: What bigotry!?

Watch the video recording below:

“It made me so angry and so upset that we were being discriminated against over something as trivial as gender identity — because it’s who we are,” one of the “transgender boys,” Leo Washington, later told The Post-Star. “We can’t change it. It honestly just was a smack in the face.”

She’s right actually — she “can’t change” the fact she was born a female and will remain that way for the rest of her life. That’s an indisputable fact, and as conservative commentator Ben Shapiro likes to say, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Unfortunately, the South Glens Falls Central School District did care. In a statement cited by North Country Public Radio, the district made it clear it will “not tolerate any form of discrimination against our students.”

The district also vowed to schedule “(f)urther gender sensitivity training … to ensure the district is creating a safe and supportive environment for all students.”

Except the bus driver didn’t discriminate. He stuck with the facts, and that isn’t discrimination. To be clear, however, he’s not free of sin. The Post-Star reported he “did not contact any officials about what happened and left without a way for (the students) to get home.”

Should the bus driver have made a greater effort to get the girls a different way home? Definitely. Did he do anything wrong by demanding they sit on the same side of the bus as the rest of the girls? Absolutely not.

Those are the facts, and no amount of “sensitivity training” will change physical and biological realities.

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