Lena Dunham Accusations Fall Flat After Evidence Is Examined

Lena Dunham Accusations Fall Flat After Evidence Is Examined

Actress and feminist Lena Dunham, known for lying about practically everything, has apparently told yet another lie — this one about American Airlines.

The unhinged actress launched her latest bid for publicity Thursday in a series of tweets in which she claimed she had overheard two American Airlines employees at JFK International Airport in New York “having a transphobic talk.”

“I did just overhear 2 @AmericanAir attendants having a transphobic talk,” she tweeted from the airport that afternoon, where she was stuck waiting on a delayed flight. “At this moment in history we should be teaching our employees about love and inclusivity @AmericanAir. That was worst part of this night.”

Encouraged by the officials operating American Airlines’ Twitter account to contact them directly through direct messages, Dunham then described in detail what happened — afterward she posted screenshots of the conversation she claimed to have heard for all of her followers to read:

Except that it now appears this might never happened.

“We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time, we are unable to substantiate these allegations,” American Airlines told Fox News on Friday.

So what really happened? There are two distinct possibilities.

The first one is that she simply lied yet again. Just last month she made up a completely fictitious tale about how she had purposefully abandoned her dog at some “professional facility” because of its allegedly bad behavior, which she blamed on its past history of abuse.

It turned out that, according to the facility that provided the dog, the animal had no history of abuse or bad behavior.

“When she adopted the dog from us, it wasn’t crazy,” a spokesperson for the shelter where she adopted it said at the time. “I have pictures of the dog loving on Lena and her mom, which is weird if the dog was abused. It wouldn’t be cuddling with her or be in the bed with her ‘boyfriend’ in the pages of Vogue.”

Dovetailing back to what happened this week, another possibility is that she really did overhear two American Airlines employees privately discussing their thoughts on transgender culture, but that the employees simply denied it.

In this case, the argument could be made that she should have just minded her business instead of trying to seek out retribution. Moreover, it can also be argued that what Dunham tried to do was punish the employees for “wrongthink,” i.e., politically incorrect ideas that radical liberals like her argue should never be spoken about.

Either way, this sordid incident only served to again remind Americans of why nobody should take this deliriously ignorant woman seriously, let alone give her the time of day.

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