Leftist Protesters Interrupt Speech At Congressman’s Birthday Party

Leftist Protesters Interrupt Speech At Congressmans Birthday Party

There was a stark contrast Sunday between two very different parts of the political spectrum.

On land, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., gathered with guests in Newport Beach for his annual birthday party, having invited Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., to speak about his experiences as a Purple Heart recipient who lost both legs in Afghanistan.

In the harbor near where Rohrabacher and his Republican friends were gathered, a boat filled with protesters roamed about, calling for Rohrabacher to hold a town hall and chanting anti-American slogans.

Despite the stark divisions on display, Mast stuck to his theme that America is threatened abroad and must remain a unified nation in this time of trial.

Mast has often urged unity, drawing on his time in combat.

“I’ve just never been in a battle that we only had to fire one shot. I’ve never been in a battle with a perfect plan. And even being able to say that — we won every single one of them, because of that unanimity, our ability to win together as a unit,” Mast said in a March address.

Rohrabacher said the protest showed how far the left has drifted from the ideal of one nation working in partnership for the common good.

“The liberal left has pushed the Democrat Party so far to the left, they’re relying on name-calling and disruption rather than the discussion of legitimate issues,” Rohrabacher said. “The patriots are certainly not intimidated by these left-wing neo-fascist tactics.”

In fact, the Republicans outlasted the protesters, because after two hours the Orange County Sheriff’s Department ordered the four protesters aboard the boat to stop because they were violating local noise ordinances.

“The irony of the protesters using a rented pontoon boat and bullhorn as they advocated for socialism was striking,” commented Fred Whitaker, Orange County’s GOP chairman.

“You couldn’t get food or basics back in the Soviet Union or even in Venezuela today, let alone a boat or a bullhorn. They should have been thanking Congressman Rohrabacher for his 28 years of fighting for their freedom and the free enterprise system that got them the boat and bullhorn,” he said.

“It is amazing to me that four protesters would rent a pontoon boat to protest a Congressman’s birthday party,” commented Joshua Recalde-Martinez, who attended the event.

“There are so many other constructive things they could have done. If they put as much effort into electing people from their party as they did protesting, then maybe they wouldn’t be behind over 1,000 seats nationally,” he added.

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